HTC LAUNCH EVENT!!!!!!! Windows 8S and 8X Smartphones…..

Hey Good people. This is my first time ever being invited to a Technology event. I was chosen out of a select few from HTC elevate’s forum in NYC. To say I was excited was a bit of an understatement. I was wondering what exactly they were inviting me to. The event was at the SIR Stage 37 here in NYC.  It said to arrive at 10:30am. When I got there, there was a line, a pretty long line. It included press, bloggers, Elevate forum members. I was waiting patiently. They even handed out bottles of water while we waited. One of the coolest things was that we each rec’d our own QR code for admittance. Can you believe it? I have my own QR CODE 

The event was to launch the new Windows 8s and 8X smartphones. I saw the CEO of HTC, Peter Chou. The CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer and the VP of design for HTC  Jason Mackenzie.  They discussed all the wonderful new features of these phones which include a sleeker design, slight pyramid in the back to house all the internal components, better front camera, micro drilled holes for better sound, new amplifier and of course BEATS audio. It seems that this phone really wants to compete on a scale of with the current Android and Apple marketplace. The weight of this phone is extremely light and covered in gorilla glass. Great response time in sweeping across the screen .

The event space itself was gorgeous. Screens of color and light. There were models dressed in ethereal togas. Seating were white chairs with water bottles and usb cords. That’s right for all the tech savvy. Since this was my first go round, I didn’t bring my laptop but I tweeted and instagramed like a mad fool.

Below is all the images I took from the event.. Please enjoy. For more specs about the phones click here


Opportunity Knocked and I answered

Hello Fab People. I do hope September is starting off well for all of you. Recently, I was asked to add writing to my resume. A beautiful young lady I work with by the name of Danielle asked me to write for her online magazine. I could not believe it. I was totally floored. I mean I love to write on my blogs and working on my books, but to write for a magazine that really wants to empower, I am more than thrilled. I completed my first assignment and passed with flying colors. I am only hoping that my next one I can do as well. I am truly feeling pretty blessed these days and I hope these opportunities keep coming.

Holly Pinafore

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