Look at you first before we start looking outward

Mirror Mirror, Tell me How do I look

It seems that sometimes we forget to truly look inside ourselves and clean out our closets. We humans are always quick to judge others or start doing the might is right attitude and want to seek revenge.

Cease and Desist

Stop your madness. Before you go running around and telling people how to live their lives and such, Come to grips with your own faults and drama. We were born into this world to make mistakes and have problems. The real malfunction is when we repeat the same offense. Now I know I have faults ( procrastination, spelling, loneliness, hurt feelings, jealousy, anger, some rage, trust issue) But as you can see I have acknowledged their existence and working on just being happy. Being happy for me is foreign feeling especially as an adult. When I was little, I knew when things made me happy and they were the little or small things. But now, I want this toy or product because it well make me happy. Bought happy is temporary. Internal happy is forever and that is what I want. I have seen people get mad at other people for the wrong reasons. I have gotten angry at people for stupid reasons. We all have  ideas as to why we get angry. Someone getting close to someone we love or they have a close relationship with someone of the same sex. People don’t listen when you try to help them especially when they ask for help. People not giving you space or respecting your time because they are selfish.

1st.. Set boundaries. Let people know where you stand exactly. Let them know when you need time away from them and to yourself. WE ALL NEED IT ( yes even married folks). It doesn’t mean we love anyone any less. We just need time to ourselves.

2nd. Find your passion. What gets your internal fire burning? What would you loved to do if you had nothing to worry about? Find it and move forward with it

3rd. Trust your gut. I remember when I was younger, I never listened to my gut and it would get me in trouble. These days I do especially when random thoughts come in my head.

4th. Love yourself. This one is doozy. I am not talking being overconfident or a know it all. We are always taught that having too much love for yourselves is not healthy and to a point it isn’t. There is fine line between being confident and being arrogant. Learn to love the person you are faults and all and if there is anything you want to change, YOU will need to do it.

I love myself. I respect myself. I sometimes have to set boundaries when my loved ones don’t respect my time but I am learning to respect theirs as well. I know I have changes to make and I am going to do it.