End O Year –2012

Evening My Great People. It is that time again. We are about to ring in a new year here in NYC and As always it causes time of reflection. 2012 was a definite up and down year and I really learned much about myself. I also learned to finally not to be afraid of what to ask for in this life. Sometimes, our fears are self imposed that we stall ourselves. I realized I need to speak up and stop playing the back and let the world take over. I will not be a bitch but self respect, always good. I realized that though some people in this world are asshats, I have better vision in seeing them. I am proud that I finally made sure to get comfy in my skin and be happy. I know it is hard to be happy but dammit I will just be. I made a decision to to move out of NYC. As I get older, I realize that I do not want to grow old in NYC. The world itself is not too kind to people who get up in years so I need to be somewhere I can get at least some level of respect as I give it back to them. I have such a wonderful feeling in my heart for my future. For once, my heart and gut are in agreement. It is nice when that happens. When it happens to you, it will be elation. Remember, you are the writer, director and producer of your life. 2013 will be as good or as bad as you allow it. I know things are sometimes uncontrollable but your reaction to them to determine how the rest will play out.

Be good to you and be the change you want to see. I plan to be.

See you in 2013.


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