To lend a helping Hand

helping hands

Today it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. I really enjoy helping people and I mean genuinely. I am not the type to pry into your business but it seems people really do open up to me and then we work together to get them to move forward. It feels good internally so I figure why not just continue with this good feeling.

I decided to become a consultant in life and in business. I want to help those gain focus and help them with businesses and lives. This is a bit uncharted territory but it is also very exciting.

I gained my first client today and I look forward to helping her build her brand.  My new Client is the granola diva  and yes she is my fam but what better to start then with someone who believes in you. I will be helping with building her brand and putting her in contact with those I know can help her move forward.  Kinda like a big help network.

I already have a big smile on my face about this and I know this will also help me build my photography business as well.

Wish me luck




New Shoot and New skill set

Yesterday,  I got to shoot with Nicholas Sinatra (Yes he is related to Frank). I have only known Nick for about 6 months and it has become one of the friendships that feels like years. I usually do not have those relationships really quickly but I am steppjng out of my comfort zone this year and trying to learn to trust more.



Nick is true friend. Honest and straight shooter, he truly tells it like it is and that I respect. Today, we got to talk about our job and the powder keg that is happening there. We both came to the conclusion that we have too many skills that we need to parlay into other things outside of our regularly scheduled programming. If the millennium has taught me anything is that nothing will get done unless you make it happen.

We had a brainstorming session today and since we respect each other’s opinion , Nick wanted my help. We brain stormed and figured out that he needs to become a brand manager  or as he calls it “conceptual development”. But it seems during this session that Sir sinatra suggested I do the same. I realized it is I am not so much management. I am more life coach development. It seems I amthe one you sit dow  with and I help you figure what direction to take your life in.

I am going to run with it and help those who I can and in turn grow myself.

This is going to be fun

Moving on….. Over to the Midwest

2013 is my year of transition and movement. 2013 is the year of making budgets, decisions and planning that will affect the rest of my life.
I have made a choice to move to the Midwest. Being a city girl, I know it will be an adjustment (lack of mass transit), but that’s what I need to push me out of my 36 year comfort zone. I am excited and scared (more the former) and that to me means this is what I am supposed to do. I have always thought about going out of the city and I am finally taking a chance and doing so.

I will miss my friends and my family. Hell most of my friends I consider family. I look forward to new scenery, new people, adapting and also saving. Nothing like living in a place where cost of living won’t kill you. (NYC is cray)

The biggest thing is just packing up. That is when it will feel more real. 
I am happy and so psyched for this new chapter of my life to begin.

MTV Show Catfish —– Long Distance Relationships and Sometimes Love… Sometime Lies

catfish TV show[/caption

The meaning of catfish is — a person who pretends to be someone they’re not,
using social media to create a false identity, particularly to pursue deceitful online romances

These days, Long distance relationships are becoming more and more common. The internet has opened everyone up to everyone else n this world and love was bound to happen. The only problem with this is that people even in 2013 still feel the need to lie because of whatever issue they may be having or just to have protection this false protection behind a screen. ( I wish I knew why people feel protected behind computer screens)

Watching this show infuriates me at times. These people who really want to meet the person who has been saying all these wonderful things about you and to you and want to meet. When the prospect of meeting rears its ugly head, some of these folks on this show are less than thrilled. Reasons vary from The other person has self esteem issues, they are mad at other people, they want to mess with people’s emotions but Nev the show’s host is more determined to get them to meet up.

I love that aspect. Shit. After all, you put all these feeling and emotions out there and playing with people’s minds, you better confront what you did.

I am still trying to wrap my head around this because, I have noticed that no one every skype’s or oovoo’s with these people. Even FB has an ability to skype so why are these people not seeing them in live and living motion.

I do not have anything against Long distance relationships ( after all I am currently in one) but to start out basically lying already, you have broke one of the tenets of a healthy relationship.

I will say that this show definitely opens up some eyes and I truly hope that will make people realize that you should not mess with people feelings no matter what they are going through, no need to play with anyone else.

First Shoot of 2013 with the lovely Cari Satre


3rd day of the new year and I have already done my first photoshoot. it was with one of my current co-workers. Her name is Cari and she is an actress and a truly talented one. When I told her last year I am a photographer, she was determined to have me shoot her. ( it seems I make people comfortable) As you can tell by the pics, I think she had a good time.

Feels good to shoot again.