New Shoot and New skill set

Yesterday,  I got to shoot with Nicholas Sinatra (Yes he is related to Frank). I have only known Nick for about 6 months and it has become one of the friendships that feels like years. I usually do not have those relationships really quickly but I am steppjng out of my comfort zone this year and trying to learn to trust more.



Nick is true friend. Honest and straight shooter, he truly tells it like it is and that I respect. Today, we got to talk about our job and the powder keg that is happening there. We both came to the conclusion that we have too many skills that we need to parlay into other things outside of our regularly scheduled programming. If the millennium has taught me anything is that nothing will get done unless you make it happen.

We had a brainstorming session today and since we respect each other’s opinion , Nick wanted my help. We brain stormed and figured out that he needs to become a brand manager  or as he calls it “conceptual development”. But it seems during this session that Sir sinatra suggested I do the same. I realized it is I am not so much management. I am more life coach development. It seems I amthe one you sit dow  with and I help you figure what direction to take your life in.

I am going to run with it and help those who I can and in turn grow myself.

This is going to be fun


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