To lend a helping Hand

helping hands

Today it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. I really enjoy helping people and I mean genuinely. I am not the type to pry into your business but it seems people really do open up to me and then we work together to get them to move forward. It feels good internally so I figure why not just continue with this good feeling.

I decided to become a consultant in life and in business. I want to help those gain focus and help them with businesses and lives. This is a bit uncharted territory but it is also very exciting.

I gained my first client today and I look forward to helping her build her brand.  My new Client is the granola diva  and yes she is my fam but what better to start then with someone who believes in you. I will be helping with building her brand and putting her in contact with those I know can help her move forward.  Kinda like a big help network.

I already have a big smile on my face about this and I know this will also help me build my photography business as well.

Wish me luck




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