Mogul on the rise – Kenya Thomas

Though Mother nature has decided to send Nor’Easter Nemo my way, it did not take away from me doing a fabulous shoot with Kenya Thomas. I have worked with Kenya before taking pictures for her when she interviewed DAY 26. I have however never shot her.

One thing I do love about shooting people is just making them feel comfortable. Sometimes, a camera can be the most intimidating object. Its lens peering into your soul.

Kenya is a reporter and she has her own website called The SkinNYC. She showcases all happening around NYC from music to fashion.  Part of the reason for the shoot today was for her to get some promo stills for herself . She is truly a mogul in the making. The main reason for the shoot is because I have shot everyone she knows and it was no her turn.


I think they turned out well and she seems to be love em so I did my job.

k2rsz k3rsz k4bwrsz K5rsz k6rsz


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