Racism Rears it Head.. again and Once again at an institute of higher learning

I was doing my daily reading across the web and came across an article about the Kappa Sigma Fraternity on Duke University’s campus was having a racially motivated party making fun of Asian and the Asian culture. It seems the brilliant brothers decided to send out and invitation Called Kappa Sigma Asia Prime literally filled with misspellings and a picture of Kim Jong Il from the Team America Movie.

Duke University/ Copyright Getty Images

Of course this happens in Black history month which every year comes through facing uproars from some white people complaining why they do not have a white history month and other derogatory comments.

I need to understand why in 2013 or in the new millennium why we are still dealing with this.  I need to know why people still think this is ok or cool to do.

Now, I cannot speak for all Caucasians just like I cannot speak for all African Americans but I have to wonder what does go through some white people’s minds. Every day, we learn more about our history. YES I SAID our history because it includes every human on this planet.  From what I learn from history, not only have other ethnic backgrounds did unspeakable things to other ethnicity but they have also done it to their own.

So why is there still a need to make fun of other ethnicities? Sometimes, I swear these things happen because they know it will cause  an uproar. They will get attention whether good or bad, they get attention. I know that is a terrible way to see it but you cannot tell me they did not think it through. People like to play stupid but we all know what the hell we are doing.

How did they expect Asian students to react? Oh those foolish white people and just brush it off? WHAT THE HELL?  Stop thinking people are going to continuously tolerate the bullshit that is spewed.

I would love to understand if this coming from  the fact that the Caucasian population is not as large as it used to be and all the bigots out there are getting the hole cards peeped and punched out.

I really want to know. Humans seems to think other humans are stupid.  As I have said in other posts, be upfront with your bigotry and ignorance. Let it wave high and loud. Do not hide behind organizations and then apologize. Be honest with the person that you are. Just do not be surprised if others do not want to deal with you or be in your company.

There will always be plenty of people who hate people for the color of their skin because its different. Those are limited and stifled in-duh-viduals.  

Do you want to be an In -DUH- vidual?  

I didn’t think so.



2 thoughts on “Racism Rears it Head.. again and Once again at an institute of higher learning

  1. Unfortunately this is life, It was. It is. And it will always be. The solution is for you and me to continue to expose things like this. The only problem I see is that we only reach those people in the choir who are already singing with us. Have you ever had a negative response to one or your rants? I never have.

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