The New World ORDER…. or at least in my mind..

Today I woke and of course turned on the television. I was channeling surfing when I landed on MTV. Now before anyone says anything, I will say it MTV NO LONGER PLAYS MUSIC ( it’s first mistake) but it was a show I actually enjoy called True Life. Today’s episode was ” I cannot please my parents”. Today’s they showed the lives of 2 different young men who lived in different parts of California. One lived in Beverly Hills with his Persian parents  and the other who lives with his Hispanic mother. I am telling you the ethnic background because this is how it was edited to the viewing public.  The young men each had dreams and goals they wished to accomplish. One wanted to publish his book about being Persian and the other wanted to become a DJ.

Both these young men lived with their parents which wasn’t the issue. The issue is that both sets of parents did not allow their children to live their dreams. I thought it was odd because both parents came to ” Land of Opportunity” which is supposed to be America and to an extent still is.


The Hispanic mom wanted her oldest to go to college. She raised 7 children by working in a bank and giving the best life she could. All of the other children have gone to college but the oldest got his girlfriend pregnant at 18 ( which was the same age his mom had him) and he does not have a steady job. He has a production company with his friend to produce music and he Dj’s occasionally. Occasionally being the operative word.  His grip was that his mother doesn’t understand his dream and his mom is basically telling him everyone has dreams but you have a family you need to take care of.  The reason why this young man pissed me off is because he is acting truly ignorant to how dire his situation is.  You are so busy wanting to fulfill your dream that you are not building marketable skills.  There are so many people who are working till their actual dream gets going. That is the adult thing to do and then the fact that he has a child, DUDE…… REALLY!!!?????!?!?! WTF . He reminded of an ex of mine who had dreams of becoming a big time fashion photographer and never wanted to work a day in his life and pretended like he wasn’t a father and did not have responsibilities.  And to top it off, his girlfriend, him and his child are all living in his mother’s house and he doesn’t have a car so his younger brother has to drive him around.   All he can think about is DJing and music.  Sorry Bro but you have bigger realities than you want to face.


The Persian man lives with his parents who have a very comfortable life and want to make sure his life has guaranteed comfort as well . His heart however is in writing and it seems to be in the satirical format. He has titled his book ” I used to be Persian”. This was a huge chagrin to his parents who almost died a small death from title to reading to the eventual book cover.  The issue that bothered me was his mom invading his privacy and calling his best friends to tell him no to publish the book.  Insane right?? I never understand why people never take the problem to the source. Talk to your son not his friends. They can’t control him as it seems as much as she can’t. What I appreciated about him though as that he stood by his convictions and moved out his parents house. He was afraid of being disowned but at the same time , he wanted to live his dream.

In this new millennium, most of us are drowning in debt ( educational or consumer). We cant find the jobs we need to in order to survive. We all have to be working no matter where we live.  But no matter what we still have to go after our dreams no matter how long it takes.  We are so inundated with celebrities and their big houses and such and we only know some stories about the struggles.


Life is a struggle. Not every we get will be easy. We have to work for it. The best thing is take the realities you face as what they are. You know you have bills and you know you have to live but if you want something bad enough , you will take the good with the bad till your dreams have manifested the way you want them too.


Protect and Serve… Yourself

I have noticed as of late that sometimes being strong is not so great. When you are your weakest moments, no one is around to help you because they think you are strong enough to get through it.

That double edge sword is a bitch. Reaching out to people is already a vulnerable position but to be shunned and not acknowledged hurts deeper than any cut that could ever be inflicted.

Basically people are telling you they don’t care and you are nothing to them. Now while that may not be the mentality, it is how it feels to the person being neglected.

What you can do in these situations are:

1) Take 5 deep breaths

2) Primal scream

3) Cry till your eyes are dry

4) Write down your thoughts

5) Find that one you trust and let them know.

When you are down, people will show that they care so move your focus from one person. Your network of caring people is probably bigger than the ones we always focus on . Open your eyes to your entire world.

Have a great day loves!!!Image