Protect and Serve… Yourself

I have noticed as of late that sometimes being strong is not so great. When you are your weakest moments, no one is around to help you because they think you are strong enough to get through it.

That double edge sword is a bitch. Reaching out to people is already a vulnerable position but to be shunned and not acknowledged hurts deeper than any cut that could ever be inflicted.

Basically people are telling you they don’t care and you are nothing to them. Now while that may not be the mentality, it is how it feels to the person being neglected.

What you can do in these situations are:

1) Take 5 deep breaths

2) Primal scream

3) Cry till your eyes are dry

4) Write down your thoughts

5) Find that one you trust and let them know.

When you are down, people will show that they care so move your focus from one person. Your network of caring people is probably bigger than the ones we always focus on . Open your eyes to your entire world.

Have a great day loves!!!Image


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