It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves

As I am sure most of you know  by now, the tragedy at the Boston Marathon. 3 explosions while the marathon was going on. 

So world or better yet, Humanity WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM?!?!??!

1st, we have to deal with a petulant child in North Korea threatening the United States and now someone decides that during a marathon which I learned was in remembrance of what happened in Newtown is now marred with explosions and loss of life.

Will someone please take the time to explain what is going on? I know we are supposed to have  evil in the world. It is the only way the world can be balanced but why are we so eager for the world to burn?

Are we dissatisfied with the world not ending? Are we so bored with our existence that we feel the need to end everyone else’s???? I can no longer accept being crazy as a valid excuse for everything that happens today. People are entirely too calculating and know exactly what they are doing. We just know how to get around the system by pleading insanity. There seem to be so many that want to leave their evil mark .


This world has no reset button. 


One thought on “It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves

  1. if you only watch what you see on the news

    you don’t see the whole story
    in retrospect crime and all criminal activities have fallen off dramatically

    before we use to have bombing and wars

    not a bombing is a terrorist attack and is very rare and wars are fought politically between big nations while troops do stuff in other country’s that would never effect there country in a hundred years

    (don’t believe what your news tells you)

    i will not read any responses to this …

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