Back From the Midwest…. Met new additions to my Fam

Well Good people. I just got back from a trip to Omaha, Nebraska. ( Yes Midwest). This is where my hunny lives and where I will be moving to in late August / Early September.  This trip was a bit special though. I was very happy to spend a great week with my Hun but I got to meet his parents….. Yes I was nervous but I had built a virtual relationship with his mom prior so I was not too nervous but still nervous. 

Cherry Blossoms

Our trip as a family was to the zoo. Now looking back, it was a perfect setup. Walking, talking and seeing animals. I got to spend an equal amount of time talking to Mom, Dad and Hunny. I only got to talk to Rio ( Jake’s oldest nephew later but I expect that when I meet children)

I loved the bonding time with mom. Lots of talking and laughing. With Dad, my nerves on edge. Jake’s dad was in the navy and almost every military person I meet has that air about them. One thing I will say he was open and friendly and not as crass as Jake made him out to be.  I think he might I have been a bit nervous to meet me too. Though people can describe you to the best of their abilities, people need to feel you out for themselves.

I had a really great time with his family and of course being the photographer I am, I documented almost everything.


Birds Sancutary

I look forward to moving out there and continuing this new Chapter in my life.


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