My New Phone..HTC ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Love

Hey People.  I have acquired a New phone. Now while that may not be exciting to some, it is to me. I just upgraded from the HTC sensation 4g to the Gorgeous, fantastic and amazing HTC One. My service provider Is T-mobile and no matter how many complaints others may have, I have enjoyed their service for about 6 years.Image

As you can see in the image, the one is bigger and thinner. It actually weighs less than my sensation did. I got the HTC one in Glacial Silver. Now I am all about having Tech in black but I love silver so there you go. What i love about upgrading is HTC has a transfer tool app which allows you to transfer all of your imagery and info to the new phone. No more clunky taKing one sim out and putting in a new phone and hoping for the best. The new HTC one does come with a new micro sim so your current sim card would not work anyway. This beautiful phone has 32GB of space and me being the music and photography junkie, it is a godsend. I have an Instagram problem ( don’t judge me) so images are a huge part of my life. Being a freelance writer and photographer, I needed a phone that could keep up. So far the HTC One is fab. I have all my apps from the sensation and have been going in short CRAZY!!!!!

For those of you who love technical aspects, I will try my best. Platform is Android with HTC sense, 1.7 GHZ quadcore (fast) 4.7 inch display ( hugs screen), Boomsound with dual front speakers and beats audio.


The blink feed allows you to select from news outlets and such to choose content you want to know about. That is actually fun to do while traveling on the train. Don’t have to look at people and I can read about things that interest me.

Anyone who loves android and may potentially getting burned out from the Apple overload, should pick up the HTC ONE. You really will not be disappointed.

Thanks HTC!!!!!


*****FYI, I  was not paid for this review. I am just really excited about my new phone*********


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