No matter how much some things change, most of the time it will stay the same

Well I am sure most of you know the verdict that was handed down recently between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. The reason why it took me so long to write about it is because there are many voices about this particular verdict and how it was handled.

Mr. Zimmerman got off by the letter of the law and though it was not justice for the Martin family, it did show how much proof you need in order to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you broke the law.

This just makes the case even more sad. A young man lost his life at the hands of a man who was warned on 2 occasions not to follow him. It almost seemed as if the universe was warning Mr. Zimmerman that this would not go well for him and now it hasn’t.

His family is now worried that some vigilante will come after him. Truth of the matter is, no one will want to touch George Zimmerman. His actions have now set in motion a huge set of events for him, his family and everyone that defended him. His name will go down in infamy and in this day of social media, it will not be forgotten.

Many people wish to play the race card and though it is part of it, it is not the main fact. The fact is someone was murdered. Can we as people comprehend that? A young man was murdered. He was coming home and defended himself against a man who clearly was itching to murder someone or else why would he have had a gun and bullet chambered? Anyone could have died that night and we lost a young man.

The media now wishes to murder Trayvon further by slandering him with allegations of theft and wrongdoing. A young man died. He did not rob the place he purchased his skittles and Arizona ice tea.

The black community is up in arms and are figuring what is the best course of action to take. Realize that this case is a wake up call for everything wrong with what we take for granted. When it is black on black crime, we do not bat and eyelash. But that is because as community, we are used to use murdering each other over the most base of things. It doesn’t blip on our radar or our country’s radar when minorities hurt each other. We expect the same treatment when it happens to a person of a different skin tone hurting someone else of another skin tone. WE ARE ALL PART OF THE HUMAN RACE. We need to remember that.

When actually start valuing all human life maybe a we can get a some things fixed.

Whatever people wish to do Florida, they really should do the whole country. Every state has had these same cases and we have yet to boycott any other state.

Just my Two cents


Man of Steel —— A trek in Movie going

Man of Steel Poster

Hey Good People. Last Friday , my friend Nakia and I went to the movies. The reason why this is such a big deal is that I have not been to the movies in about a full year. I am sorry but spending $15 for one movie ( outside of buying the DVD) just makes no sense but since I am leaving NYC in about a month, it is a great way to spend time with one my coolest friends.

We originally decided to see despicable me 2 but changed our minds because honestly though I love the first movie, I really did not want to be around kids especially on a Friday evening. ( Do not get me wrong, love the kids but when a movie first comes out, I am anti about it).

We changed the tickets to Man of Steel. I will admit. We did not see this movie because we really wanted to see it. We just wanted to be in Air conditioning for about 2 hours and Regal Cinemas on 13th and union square in NYC did not fail on that. ( Thank you)

FYI – Slight Spoilers so don’t hate me. I warned ya 😉

So we took our seats and had our oversized large beverages and snacks and waited. About 20 mins of previews which of course is the norm so no surprise there.

Once Man of Steel began, I was honestly happily surprised. Now I have seen and read so many people either really loving this movie or just out and out hating it. I will say it is definitely something I have come to expect from modern SuperHero Movies. Over the top fight sequences and visual fx that make your eyes drool.

Jorell. Cal dad’s

It showed how Superman had to be a drifter as an adult because every time he would save humanity, he would have to disappear. Honestly, if that is not a modern superhero issue outside of Tony Stark, I do not know what it is. The beginning included flashbacks to youth and what he did as a lad and even a bully he saved who later is shown as an adult.

What I loved that as an origin story, we did learn more about Krypton though we managed to see it close to it blowing up. This is refreshing and being a comic book laymen, I only know about superman from the movie with Christopher Reeves and then through various friends and boyfriends that love comic books, it was quite interesting to learn why Krypton is on its way to destruction. I will admit though, it definitely felt like foreshadowing on what is currently happening on the planet ( but I digress).

General Zod’s introduction shown that he made to be a warrior and the explanation that on Krypton, babies were manufactured ( Slight Matrix reference) but the babies had no choice of what they would become. Their DNA was already altered to what their jobs would be as an adult. Caleel was the first natural birth in a millenium and unfortunately it would happen as the world is basically coming to an end. Krypton’s knowledge and dna are contain in a half skull called the codec and literally every specimen of Krypton’s dna is imbued into baby Cal’s DNA.

So with back story in tow, you are now as viewer somewhat hip of what will occur in this new millenium. We all know the even though one person can understand something, people are inherently stupid. This is why Superman had to worry about for most of the movie. Even with the introduction of Lois Lane, she definitely did not play the damsel in distress role ( which honestly I was so so happy about). Instead, because she was a reporter and wrote about him, she ended up just being caught up in the fallout.

Zod and his cohorts get sent to the phantom zone but because Krypton was destroyed makes sense that they would be able to escape. Zod is on the hunt for this baby that escaped because he will be able to build Krypton back once he has it.

Once Zod shows up on the scene, Cal gives himself up to the US military and is handed over to Zod. This is where the problem begins. As we all know just because you surrender to someone does not mean they are not going to fully set their original plan into motion.

Now for costuming..Freaking amazing. Loved Superman’s costume though I still didn’t know once you don a costume, facial hair goes away ( that should work for any clothing )
Zod and his cohorts armor was another great feat in costuming. Futuristic metal and masks( though the masks did remind of engineer’s masks in Prometheus..ugh hate that movie)

told ya

As for the action sequences, they did drag a bit kinda like the sequences in the sequels to the Matrix. Super beings fighting and crashing through buildings and destroying everything in their path. Now I have heard people say all that destruction and no mention of how many casualties and the filmmakers are not being sensitive to how the world is today. WHAT!!!!!????? Um that is exactly how the world is today. No matter whether they showed bloody foreheads or actual dead, we already inferred that people have died. You cannot have that matter of destruction with already knowing that so … I am sorry. I am not being cold, it is just the honest truth. Even movies light hearted like the incredibles tell of how much destruction happens when heroes are around.

The fight sequences did take a bit long and the scene which people seem to have a problem with when Zod is threatening humans and Superman basically breaks his neck. One he did not want to do it and two the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few ( corny but honest) Everyone sees Superman is a boy scout but he killed this evil to protect many lives. How many people have killed evil to protect family and friends. Most are not bloodthirsty cold hearted killers. They are protecting those they love so to everyone having a problem with him killing Zod, suck that ish up. Hell, Optimus killed Megatron . I didn’t see that coming but I do not hate Optimus prime ( after all he isn’t real and he’s protecting people)

So for the Fanboys and Girls, I am sorry if I spoiled anything for you and ruined how you may feel about superman. This man of steel movie in my humble opinion is the superhero of these modern times.

Thoroughly enjoyable and great movie to get out of this unbearable heat. 😉