3 Months in the Midwest

Hey My Blog family. Sorry for my MIA status but I did move to midwest and am working on getting settled.  So I am now in Omaha NE ( Privately, Might as well be the capital of Nebraska since more people know about Omaha than Lincoln).  This is definitely a little city that wants to play big city. Image


It has a ways to go but I can see it getting there. In the area where I live, there are about 3 strip malls and if you take the bus, one large Mall. Yes malls.  Something so not used to coming from NYC. There were not really malls in the city. NYC has shopping districts.  You will need a car here, plain and simple. For this, I am happy because it forces me to get my license. I need the nudge. 

Omaha however is not what I expected. I expected to be severely white washed ( if I offend I am sorry) but it is surprisingly diverse. There are many ethnicities seen anywhere and everywhere. This is a reason why I believe their large city status may be more than a few years away.  I have seen the fashion ( those who know how to dress and those that believe jersey shore is a style). 


One thing that Omaha has over NYC is the abundance of more than 1 child families. Where I worked, I  have met moms with 3 or more kids so there is a huge family aspect out here that is not one in NYC. Now that is not to say NYC does not have a huge families, but they were seen few and far between. 

 I am also getting accustomed people just dropping by without much notice. Not something I am used to. There was usually some level of pre-planning involved. 

I have decided to take advantage of the area I am in by learning how to drive, going to gym and explore a little more of my new home. 

I will be posting pictures as soon as I can. I did manage to take a few at a Convention they  had out in Des Moines recently. 

I cannot honestly wait to get back to shooting.


talk soon



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