1-18-14…………. Playing Catch up

Morning Good People.  Hope your January  is going well.  So far, my January is going fairly well. I have made a budget I can live with.  I bought myself a planner , wrote down when bills need to be paid and how much I need to save every month.  I am really retraining my brain and behavior this month to set the trend for the year.


It is going to be hard because I am queen procrastinator. So I need to refocus and regroup. I also made a decision to go into business with my sis and We are going to start in April. That will be our fiscal year. I am excited and scared which means it is a good thing.

We are both excited and I cant wait to really get started .. BUt sis has a few bills to pay so I am gonna do that first and then business planning.

This is going to be awesome.

Peace out


1-09-2014———- The price of Fame… Yes that old Chestnut

Evening good people. I hope all is well in your world. This particular topic has been buzzing in my head for days and though it has been talked about before, I am going to throw my hat into the ring.


being famous


Today in this 30 Sec marketplace we call fame, it seems the expectations of those to stay “Relevant” is a hard road.
They have fans to appease or not, things to make them stay note worthy and somehow live a life.

Being a user of social media, I have seen some of the worst behavior from the keyboard warriors and screen protectors. These people have opinions on how these people should live their lives or how they are living their lies till, begging for love from celebrities and then breaking down every aspect of the entertainer so somehow this makes them feel better.

I wish could understand when people actually forgot the saying ” Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one” Please tell me how these people who most if not all times have worked hard for their status in their craft ( Singing, dancing, acting, sports, artistry) yet when they reach a certain status which BTW these keyboard warriors and screen protectors put there now feel the need to tear these people down.

We all have flaws. None of us are perfect so why it is we demand perfection from these people? Past performance does not dictate future returns.

I have read some seriously horrible things about people in entertainment from the illuminati is blessing some to people saying people relationships are fake to worrying about people’s hair to what people name their children to the fact they may have a lazy eye.

Now while I have verbally made an opinion of certain things I would not take time to post them. I know what it like to be gawked at and made fun of and I am by no means famous so I can only fathom what it must be like to under a microscope by the general public.

Why are we so happy to tear people down that we put up on pedestals? These people want you to respect their craft and hopefully enjoy but why when they have a bad day, all of a sudden they are a major disappointment.

And can someone please explain the illuminati to me without sounding like a raving lunatic? I have heard of this invisible hand or organization of pushing certain people to the forefront so we focus purely on them. If that is a case they are surely doing a piss poor job because for every article about Beyonce, Kimye, Lebron, Dwayne wade and or who ever they wish to deem flavor of the moment, there are plenty of articles of underground artists and players that people are making sure you find out about.

We all know how powerful word of mouth is but stop trying to purposely derail someone’s time. Everyone has their moment to shine I mean really shine. Why can’t we be happy that they worked hard and they did what they had to do.

Now I will admit their are plenty of random people in entertainment and we all know how they got their but you really can’t knock the hustle that keeps them there.

Anyhoo, I said my two cents .


1-7-2014 ………. Expressions

Hey good people who might be reading this. Today was day of expressions. More specifically , Facial expressions. I work in retail ( much to the chagrin of my mom) and I get to experience more facial expressions everyday.


Today was a bit different because people seemed a bit happier. I know most of you have heard or read about this polar effect  that  is sweeping the United States and dropping into some dangerously cold temperatures.

Today in my part of the Midwest ( also known as Omaha, Nebraska) we had some relief. SOme people who walked in were downright happy that the temp was in the teens rather than negative shenanigans.  I was greeted today with smiles and some really open people. I will say Midwesterns that i have met so far have been very open and polite… But remember I am a slightly jaded NYorker so this is kinda new.

Of course I did have my non responsive and downright rude customers but in the service industry , it can’t be helped. Either you pissed them off or they are having a really bad day and feel the need to take it out on you. I used to get upset but working in retail gives you the thickest skin on the planet.

I took these peeps with a grain of salt. That doesn’t affect me nor did I give them bad service. MY mama raised me right! ( thanks mom)

This is actually the part of the job I truly like… The people watching.  Sometimes you may never see these people again or maybe they will just come back because they like dealing with you.

All in how you treat em I supposed.

Anyhoo stay Golden

01-03-14 …….. To do Lists

Hey talents and hello third day of 2014. I actually had a day off yesterday and my biggest concern was drinking my quart of water ( Yeah I know that humans should have 2 quarts a day but I am working up to that) and doing laundry. I know they do not sound like great amazing things to do but being a self professed procrastinator, that was a lot.

I also began the 52 week money challenge on 01-01-2014. For those that may not know what that is here is a link .  The money I am saving has its own jar plus I bought a sweet calendar 14633_1 It contains when every bill gets paid, paydays, what I need to save and my to do lists for the month.

I am happy to getting back to being organized.


Happy 3 rd day of 2014.

01-01-2014………. Welcome to the newest Chapter

Good morning Talents. I hope all of you are here to see another day to try  do again.  2013 was another defining year for me in the sense of I had lots of time for introspection. I looked deeper than I ever had, took chances and let the universe take it course.  Today when I woke, I had a conversation with the almighty. I let our relationship slip last year because I was so focused on everything wrong instead of just maintaining hope and having faith.

I know many do not like to hear fate has a hand but it only has a hand with every decision we make.  Talk is cheap so there will not be too many resolutions coming from me about what I will be doing. Sometimes telling people what you will be doing only sets you up for failure especially when some around you want you to fail.

Just remember you have to be your biggest motivator no matter what . Believe in yourself and what you want to do. Take life by the reins and do not be afraid. The road to success is not a straight line no matter what you were taught to believe.

Stay Golden loves and make 2014 as amazing as you are!!!

A little music to get your butt moving 😉