01-01-2014………. Welcome to the newest Chapter

Good morning Talents. I hope all of you are here to see another day to try  do again.  2013 was another defining year for me in the sense of I had lots of time for introspection. I looked deeper than I ever had, took chances and let the universe take it course.  Today when I woke, I had a conversation with the almighty. I let our relationship slip last year because I was so focused on everything wrong instead of just maintaining hope and having faith.

I know many do not like to hear fate has a hand but it only has a hand with every decision we make.  Talk is cheap so there will not be too many resolutions coming from me about what I will be doing. Sometimes telling people what you will be doing only sets you up for failure especially when some around you want you to fail.

Just remember you have to be your biggest motivator no matter what . Believe in yourself and what you want to do. Take life by the reins and do not be afraid. The road to success is not a straight line no matter what you were taught to believe.

Stay Golden loves and make 2014 as amazing as you are!!!

A little music to get your butt moving 😉



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