01-03-14 …….. To do Lists

Hey talents and hello third day of 2014. I actually had a day off yesterday and my biggest concern was drinking my quart of water ( Yeah I know that humans should have 2 quarts a day but I am working up to that) and doing laundry. I know they do not sound like great amazing things to do but being a self professed procrastinator, that was a lot.

I also began the 52 week money challenge on 01-01-2014. For those that may not know what that is here is a link .  The money I am saving has its own jar plus I bought a sweet calendar 14633_1 It contains when every bill gets paid, paydays, what I need to save and my to do lists for the month.

I am happy to getting back to being organized.


Happy 3 rd day of 2014.


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