1-7-2014 ………. Expressions

Hey good people who might be reading this. Today was day of expressions. More specifically , Facial expressions. I work in retail ( much to the chagrin of my mom) and I get to experience more facial expressions everyday.


Today was a bit different because people seemed a bit happier. I know most of you have heard or read about this polar effect  that  is sweeping the United States and dropping into some dangerously cold temperatures.

Today in my part of the Midwest ( also known as Omaha, Nebraska) we had some relief. SOme people who walked in were downright happy that the temp was in the teens rather than negative shenanigans.  I was greeted today with smiles and some really open people. I will say Midwesterns that i have met so far have been very open and polite… But remember I am a slightly jaded NYorker so this is kinda new.

Of course I did have my non responsive and downright rude customers but in the service industry , it can’t be helped. Either you pissed them off or they are having a really bad day and feel the need to take it out on you. I used to get upset but working in retail gives you the thickest skin on the planet.

I took these peeps with a grain of salt. That doesn’t affect me nor did I give them bad service. MY mama raised me right! ( thanks mom)

This is actually the part of the job I truly like… The people watching.  Sometimes you may never see these people again or maybe they will just come back because they like dealing with you.

All in how you treat em I supposed.

Anyhoo stay Golden


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