Started from the bottom now we here………… Come on Vogue

ImageAs most of the world knows by now , Lady Kim and Sir Kanye have finally gotten a Vogue Cover. Amazing what the American dream can do if you pout and scream enough. 


Most of us know of Kim’s beginnings. Father was a lawyer on the OJ case and she did that now infamous staged sex tape with Brandy’s brother to her two minute marriage to a guy no one can remember.  Her mother then spinned all that around and made her a household where she and her sisters can command hundreds of thousands because everyone wants to to be a part of america’s First TV family. I can only guess most of the youngins that follow Kim have never heard of the Osmonds but I digress. 


Then we have Kanye. A Chicago native producer whose teachers told him he would never make in the music business and slowly began to shove it in everyone’s nose when he made a hit record with an artist. But not to be stopped at production, he wanted to rap to. Got picked up by Roc a Fella records and his career skyrocketed. He unfortunately got into an accident and lost his mom during his career. It seemed that though he valued his life, he began to shove his life in everyone’s face.  All the attention had to be on Kanye. 

These two have had a friendship since  the Reggie Bush days of Kim’s life but I do not think anyone else saw the narcissistic planet that was going to form once they collided. 

Most of us have seen and watched this relationship unfold. The countless pictures of Kim everywhere, the kanye changing of her wardrobe. I do not know why we tried to act surprised when he did this. He did this with Amber Rose. From her blonde locks to being seats away from Pop’s reigning queen Beyonce. 


We have all heard the endless comparisons to Jay and Bey and How Kanye so desperately wanted to Be like Jay. Have to great girl, Great career, Great life. Only problem with that is while it is like pulling teeth to get Jay and Bey to be more open about their relationship ( Though the new Beyonce album to help shed a little more light) , Kanye and Kim want to world to know every single solitary detail. He even hired someone to film his proposal ( For fucks sake).


Now the world’s fashion bible, Vogue, has caved and given her and him a cover. Mr. I need to plead for my girl to be a cover of Vogue. Yes Kim does get great clothes but no she hasn’t done anything to warrant being on something that covers fashion the way fashionistas and wannabe fashionistas love. 


Twitter of course was a flutter with a barrage of some really scathing retorts like canceling subscriptions to Vogue going the way of star magazine. Most bloggers and editors alike are trying to figure what made Anna change her mind. We have all heard and read about how much Ms. Wintour did not care for the Kardashians in general so why the change of heart?


I have a few theories and it is kinda of how some people raise their children these days because of every level of protection that has to take place. 

1) Kanye threw a tantrum. He went to almost every news and media he could to express how much he loved Kim and why Kim should grace the cover of Vogue and get a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame ( please for the love of god

2) Anna Wintour killed two birds ( Chicken heads) with one stone. She knows deep in her heart that she would have to appease the beast that is Kimye and what better way to do it

3) Vogue has to sell units. No matter how many purists out there may yell and scream about Vogue’s decision, there are enough Dash Dolls to send this particular issue through the roof.

4) Kimye is creeping away at the 15 minutes of fame. We live in a popcorn society where everything we get is 3 mins of less. And because these to do not follow the less is more policy, they are burning out that flame.

5) Vogue will probably never have them again. Just think long term people. This is a blip on the fashion radar. Their wedding is coming up and everyone is going to capitalize on that ish.

If I were people I wouldn’t worry too much. Fashion magazines stopped really using models since the 90’s and once those two are done with their “issues”, we will find something else to focus on for three minutes. 

I just hope this does not turn into another tomkat relationship. ( Kanye Shrug)


Driver Roll up the Partition…. Please ( Lyrics from Partition from the Beyonce album)


A flurry of thoughts passed through my dome today but my boyfriend and I were talking recently about how sometimes humans always will put people up on pedestals and then want to tear them down. The reason I chose Beyonce is because she is one of the more prominent figures in music today that is currently being scrutinized like the music stars during my growing up years ( the 80’s) .

Beyonce has been criticized for her new album because of explicit visuals and lyrics. A young lady who has been in this industry since the age of 9 and is now a wife and mother has been criticized for showing her post baby body off and somehow is a whore because of her performance at the grammy’s because of performing seductively in her leotard while her husband is a full suit.

Some people claim she has given mothers and women a bad name. But I would love someone to explain to me how an entertainer has given me a bad name. Notice I said Entertainer. Beyonce, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Madonna, Adele, Lorde, Taylor Swift and the like are all entertainers. These women know they audiences that they cater to. If they want to wear booty hugging shorts or ball gowns to perform it is quite within their rights. Art especially music is usually wear people can be expressive whether in lyrics or in clothing changes. The majority of people that go to concerts expect to be entertained and that is what these ladies do….. Entertain!

Now while they may have great causes they support and may be outspoken, why is it not their right to be?

Most of them have Legions of fans who love them no matter what and also have people who can’t stand them. These groups can be so extreme that it makes me wonder sometimes. I love MUSIC… so if any of these women have a song or an album that I enjoy, I will support them. Their personal lives are their own and no matter how much press coverage these ladies may receive, I know I do not know the full picture. I cannot go around making judgement on their lives.

Beyonce is a wife and mom. Fantastic. The pics I see of her and her family when being a family are amazing, Blue seems well taken care off and everyone seems happy. Kudos to her for having her family and living out what seems to be her dream. Kudos to Rihanna and Miley for not giving 2 shits what the world thinks because they are living their lives.

Judge not lest you be judged.

The other thing I cannot truly wrap my head around is the true or not true statements these music artists today may have against each other. Sometimes I read stories about how Someone may not like someone blah blah. Some inside source spreads this. Now whether it is true or not, I don’t care. These people’s rivalries do not pay my bills. For all I know they could have had an off day or someone could have said something off color about another star and they person laughed. This whole pitting women against women is getting really tiresome.


Stop acting like you haven’t done it even when you know it isn’t right but you laugh or agree in that moment. It really doesn’t seems that any of these ladies are hurting in their pocketbooks and if we mothers and women are so concerned about these ladies being role models, maybe you should talk to your children. ( Novel Concept right). When I was growing up watching Like a virgin by madonna, or any of Janet jackson’s videos, it didn’t make me want to go out have sex with every guy I saw or start acting like a whore. Even when Madonna released a SEX book and did all kind of debauchery, my mom talk to me and explained she is living her life and if she chooses to do that, it is all on her.

Also now because these people are huge stars, there must be some invisible hand guiding them. REALLY!?!?!?!?! I guess somehow you forgot that you bought the cd, the hat, the t-shirt and such. You helped build this person dream and they are showing appreciation by performing for you and giving you a show. Sometimes, it is ok to take things at face value. Sometimes we do not have to look deeper when there is no reason to.