Violation of women because of the power of “no”

I am sure most of you have read about the deadly shooting in Isla Vista and how men and women lost their lives due to someone’s mental instability.  The culture’s name is Elliot Rodger. 


Elliot wrote a manifesto of his entire life from birth till his tragic end. He discussed how up and down his childhood was, the bullying,  his lack of decent interactions with anyone, men and women alike. He goes on to discuss how he became more sheltered and retreated to the online world to socialize. He began to hate men and women in relationships and being happy and how he never experienced that. He expressed how he was attracted to a certain type of women (white women and blonde) and how they never paid attention to him.
One of the saddest part of this he was actually getting help for his mental instability yet people still lost their lives.
The victims have been identified:
Veronika Elizabeth Weiss
Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez
Weihan Wong
George Chen
Cheng Yuan Hong
Katherine Brennan Cooper
All these people were students at USC with the males being his roomates. They can no longer experience life because someone could not handle theirs.
Unfortunately,  this whole mentality of” the world oweing me something” is not new especially with women.

Countless women have to live in fear of their lives because some men do not respect the power of no.
There is new tumblr page named when women refuse. This page lists the horror stories plus how men feel about rape. Our own government has tried to say there is a difference between rape and justifiable rape. I’m sorry but rape is rape. As soon as you say no and fight back and it continues, it’s rape.
On Twitter,  there a hashtag #yestoallwomen that people can tell more of how they feel in real time. Some men are waking up to the fact that their own mothers, daughters,  sisters, aunts, nieces have at some point been the victim of unwanted harassment or worse.
However, there are still plenty of men out there who cannot respect the power of no from women. Women have to lie about being someone hoping that it will back them off and even then,  there is no guarantee that it will be taken seriously.  I myself have been catcalled and then when I do not respond, immediately I was a bitch. Funny how fast my attractiveness fell huh?
But why should women live in fear? How hard is it actually to respect when a women says no? Why should anyone lose their lives because you feel they should be accepting of your advances? The world doesn’t owe you anything and for guys that feel “see that’s what you women get for friendzoning men”, your mentality is completely fucked up and hope your mom gets to hear how you actually feel about women and give you a good swift kick in your ass.


Godzilla 2014


Oh sorry golden gate, just passing through

I had a family outing and got to see Godzilla after some delicious lobster and scallops and shrimp (sorry it was yummy)
As to not spoil for those who haven’t seen it, I will try not to give away too many of what I feel are key plot points.

2014 Godzilla harkens back to the backstory of Godzilla’s creation. You know all those lovely nuclear test we were running in the 1940s and 50s.

We all know Godzilla beginnings were a man in a rubber suit with forced perspective but the CGI in this version is a mass improvement over the 1998 version and the height and six of the monsters are definitely more believable.
Of course there is a human element and since it takes place on planet earth, I am ok with it. I will admit the human part of the story is a bit cliche but it works for the movie.

We see hints of Godzilla but the king of the monsters does not show up really till mid movie.

Plot itself is dark as are most movies of this genre these days. We are living in a post 9/11 society so most of what occurs makes sense. When you have monsters over 60ft or more fighting in a city, you will have massive building damage and casualties. I know some will say, I go to movies to be entertained but unless it is an action comedy or comedy in general, this is what you will get.
Kind of like how bat man was campy and now he is what was supposed to be. Kinda of the same thing.
Do not forget people, Godzilla is a monster and realistically there is now way to tame or control that force of nature.

I saw the 1998 version and it was definite sign of the times movie, jokes, b.s. relationships and huge product placement.

Some people say that they like the 1998 version better but that should be strictly for nostalgia purposes. One spoiler I will give is Godzilla is not pregnant nor looking for a place to lay eggs. The egg laying occurs from another monster (spoiler 2)


In my humble opinion, Gareth Edwards gave me something to sink my teeth into and enjoy. I have made a promise to never go into any movie with high expectations because sometimes trailers are the best part of the move and every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sarah have to spoil everything for everybody with bullet time opinion ed pieces about  movies. 

For those willing to give Godzilla a chance,  you will enjoy it. You get kaiju fights and destruction and it lends itself to more Godzilla movies just like in the past expect for the creepy twins that call up mothra (shudders)

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Let’s have a pity relationship

Good morning world. Hope all is good with you all. Having a conversation With my boyfriend last night brought up a topic I have not thought about in a while.

Pity relationships. Yes you read that correctly.  We live in a world now where everything comes to us fast and furious. We are inundated with images and people of how relationships should be.


But the relationships I am talking about are the average to better. Where you are comfortable.  You do not do above and beyond. You kind of coast. Yeah you cook, remember anniversaries and birthdays and play nice with their friends and family. You start making internal decisions like “I’m getting tired of the game”, “trying on new people to see how they fit me is a chore”, “this person semi gets me and tolerates my b.s. so this should be ok. ”


Now granted,  we have those moments in relationships where this feel less than stellar but that cannot be the everyday feeling. You will start feeling depressed and then everything becomes mundane. Your very existence feels terrible.

But you tolerate this kind of relationship because you have told yourself that you hate dating. The whole game is a farce and this is good enough.

Don’t just do good enough. There are enough downtimes in life than to deal with a constant level of boredom.

I know it is hard but communication is the key and so is honesty. You have to let people know what you want and they in turn.

So many times we want to be mind readers but that is never works. You should never have to settle especially in relationships. This world is too big for you to play the pity party for the next 50 + years.

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