Let’s have a pity relationship

Good morning world. Hope all is good with you all. Having a conversation With my boyfriend last night brought up a topic I have not thought about in a while.

Pity relationships. Yes you read that correctly.  We live in a world now where everything comes to us fast and furious. We are inundated with images and people of how relationships should be.


But the relationships I am talking about are the average to better. Where you are comfortable.  You do not do above and beyond. You kind of coast. Yeah you cook, remember anniversaries and birthdays and play nice with their friends and family. You start making internal decisions like “I’m getting tired of the game”, “trying on new people to see how they fit me is a chore”, “this person semi gets me and tolerates my b.s. so this should be ok. ”


Now granted,  we have those moments in relationships where this feel less than stellar but that cannot be the everyday feeling. You will start feeling depressed and then everything becomes mundane. Your very existence feels terrible.

But you tolerate this kind of relationship because you have told yourself that you hate dating. The whole game is a farce and this is good enough.

Don’t just do good enough. There are enough downtimes in life than to deal with a constant level of boredom.

I know it is hard but communication is the key and so is honesty. You have to let people know what you want and they in turn.

So many times we want to be mind readers but that is never works. You should never have to settle especially in relationships. This world is too big for you to play the pity party for the next 50 + years.

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