Violation of women because of the power of “no”

I am sure most of you have read about the deadly shooting in Isla Vista and how men and women lost their lives due to someone’s mental instability.  The culture’s name is Elliot Rodger. 


Elliot wrote a manifesto of his entire life from birth till his tragic end. He discussed how up and down his childhood was, the bullying,  his lack of decent interactions with anyone, men and women alike. He goes on to discuss how he became more sheltered and retreated to the online world to socialize. He began to hate men and women in relationships and being happy and how he never experienced that. He expressed how he was attracted to a certain type of women (white women and blonde) and how they never paid attention to him.
One of the saddest part of this he was actually getting help for his mental instability yet people still lost their lives.
The victims have been identified:
Veronika Elizabeth Weiss
Christopher Ross Michaels-Martinez
Weihan Wong
George Chen
Cheng Yuan Hong
Katherine Brennan Cooper
All these people were students at USC with the males being his roomates. They can no longer experience life because someone could not handle theirs.
Unfortunately,  this whole mentality of” the world oweing me something” is not new especially with women.

Countless women have to live in fear of their lives because some men do not respect the power of no.
There is new tumblr page named when women refuse. This page lists the horror stories plus how men feel about rape. Our own government has tried to say there is a difference between rape and justifiable rape. I’m sorry but rape is rape. As soon as you say no and fight back and it continues, it’s rape.
On Twitter,  there a hashtag #yestoallwomen that people can tell more of how they feel in real time. Some men are waking up to the fact that their own mothers, daughters,  sisters, aunts, nieces have at some point been the victim of unwanted harassment or worse.
However, there are still plenty of men out there who cannot respect the power of no from women. Women have to lie about being someone hoping that it will back them off and even then,  there is no guarantee that it will be taken seriously.  I myself have been catcalled and then when I do not respond, immediately I was a bitch. Funny how fast my attractiveness fell huh?
But why should women live in fear? How hard is it actually to respect when a women says no? Why should anyone lose their lives because you feel they should be accepting of your advances? The world doesn’t owe you anything and for guys that feel “see that’s what you women get for friendzoning men”, your mentality is completely fucked up and hope your mom gets to hear how you actually feel about women and give you a good swift kick in your ass.


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