Top Model Breakdown

It never seems to fail on America’s Top Model during the commercial part, there is always someone to breakdown. I cannot understand how Erin did so well on the insider part but flubbed on her own script.  Being overconfident is not cute at all and she has such an obnoxious personality.  Once again, my girl Jennifer was amazing. Jennifer i feel is completely underrated. Even when she had her bad picture 2  weeks ago, she bounced back from it amazingly.  Unfortunately, Sundai is not being very impressive but she is cute. Brittany has no personality. Everyone is so worried about Nicole not having a personality but Brittany was completely robotic in her commercial.

This is really shocking that Erin and Rae are at the bottom. Was not expecting this. I thought Sundai would be going home.

They actually sent Rae home…. THEY MADE BAD CHOICE ( think Anchorman)America's Next Top Model