Scripted reality for your pleasure

Morning good people. Random thought of the day always seems to produce a blog so here goes. As most of you are aware, reality tv is now a staple in out viewing landscape. We the viewers get to see people act foolish or not and have their lives open for the world to see.


Then comes the hammer of the people’ s judgement. This is the proverbial catch-22 where the “stars”(note the quotation marks) then start talking back to the world via Twitter, instagram, Facebook and yadda yadda about how can you judge us. You are seeing what the producers want you to see. Granted, that may be true but only to a certain extent. The behavior that is shown is not something the all of a sudden happened overnight and you all knew the job was dangerous when you took it.

Lets be serious. There is something human nature that love to see people make an ass of themselves.

We can also argue the point of how some of these show a small population of how certain ethnicities act and it is making some ethnicities look bad. Ethnicities do that anyway, tv has just begun to highlight the bad points kinda like how the history we learned school kinda glossed over some bad points but hey, the truth always comes out.

So here is where pot meets kettle. These supposed stars then wanna call out other reality tv stars behavior like their shit doesn’t stink. I guess somehow you forgot what you showed to the world or what your behavior was. Selective memory is a bitch huh?

Then we have the mightier than thou talking about how these shows are affecting the youth of today. So I am going to assume that we will no longer taking responsibility for raising our kids and letting them right from wrong and teaching them about why some people may behave the way they do. It would be great if people would own up to their “fuckery” .

So please don’t be mad when you put our business on front street and got the whole world wagging their tongues about you but you have to stay relevant, right?


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