Autumn is the time for my rebirth

Today while I was waiting, it dawned on me that I do so much better in the fall than in the spring. This may be due to the fact that I was born in the fall. I know so many people who dread fall cause summer is going and they can’t be half-naked.  I see a fall as times of richness, bounty, nature showing us great colors.  I know my shortcomings and while I embrace them, I know I do need to make a more concerted effort to change. My faults are procrastination and laziness. I know, sad right but I am human.  I need just one person to give the nudge. The nudge will hit my attitude who will then fuss and then proceed to do it. While I have great people who can help  me along, I know eventually I need to do this myself.  I am writing this blog as way to help my friends ( in the real and cyber worlds) what kind of person I am.

My name is Janine and I am observer and sometimes writer of the human condition. I enjoy people watching and analyzing ( sometimes overanalyzing) everything. I am a consistent thinker and though some people may think I may only think of frivolous things ( horoscopes, fashion, food and such) I think of everything equally. I can be as deep as the oceans or as shallow as a puddle after a slight rainy day. I  sometimes may look like I am sitting on the fence to make a decision but I am always weighing options. I may sometimes seem like I may be fake friendly but I read and get energy off of people from first glance. I know those I can go the depths of my soul with and those that I don’t mind keeping on the surface.  I have trust issues but that is from youth hurt. I am only now learning to trust. I am not ashamed of my life nor the choices I made. Everything that has happened has led me to this point and I don’t feel like it really should have gone any other way. Yes I wish to win the lotto to help my mom and relieve her stress. I want to send her on a month vacation and make the co-op be exactly the way she wants. I want my family to be comfortable.

I love photography, suduko, crossword puzzles, fashion, technology, cable tv, regular tv, blogging, going to museums, roaming the city, traveling and visiting friends,reading great works of art, reading trashy novels, watching the news, not watching the news, learning from the young , learning from the old, accepting that I am an african american female with naturally strawberry blonde hair who knows people of her own race may not like her cause of how she looks,  like and dislike people of any race, can have racist thoughts at times but would not want to ever hurt anyone because they are a different race than me.  I accept that most people can be assholes just depends on the time of day or when you met them. Most people when you meet them may not make a great impression so allow them one more chance to show and prove.

I do hope that anyone who reads this realizes that I am a normal person but I do have extraordinary dreams.  I want to write books and have them sell extremely well, take fantastic images of great people and my home NYC(B&W of course), have 2 children that have a great thirst for knowledge and have a huge zest for life and god willing get married. I always want to keep the amazing people in my life..

For those that read this, thanks for taking time out to get to know me a lil better.