Sandy’s Aftermath … and Mother’s nature EXCLAMATION POINT!!!

Hey Good People. I do hope all of you are well and have survived the Uber storm that is Sandy.  For those that lost family and friends, you are in my prayers because being part of this planet means being part of all of it ( whether some of you like it or not).

Sandy is/was this uber storm or Hurricane cyclone that descended on the eastern seaboard. Her path was far and wide. 

NYC subways are 108 years old and have not seen this much devastation in that time. (Says a lot considering September 11th). Throughout this whole natural occurrence, my FaceBook was lit up with people checking on family and friends and pics showing up of what Sandy is actually doing and not actually doing. ( Saw a few day after tomorrow pics and doctored Photoshopped images) CNET hoax images

What I also noticed on Facebook are the religious Zealots doing the “I told ya so” Routine. Again, this is what amazes me about human behavior. From my understanding of most religious teachings is to help man see and be there for their fellow man. To support and teach. But half the time is” I warned you and now you want to pray” I am sorry but that doesn’t seem very helpful or supportive. We all know some people need to feel before they can see but what is doing I told you so going to prove. To me, it shows you are an ass and not really caring about what happens to anyone. One gentleman on my FB even said , he doesn’t care what happens to anyone else, his family is good.  WOW…. some religion ya got there. Most of us have no clue about what happens in the afterlife (if there is one) but I will not sit here and judge. Some people do not believe in a higher being. Am i going to say they are wrong? I have faith and belief but I am not about to go ” I told you so”. First of all, Mother Nature is something human beings will never be able to control. ( I know that unnerves control freaks but hey). Mother nature has been ruling this planet way before humans even stepped foot in the place so anything that happens in nature, I respect. Sometimes, I think she does certain things to give us a reminder that no matter our petty problems and issues ( because if you think about it the grand scheme of things, life is not permanent, it is part of a continuous cycle) nature is in control. Always has been always will be. We can speculate on how the world will end and when it happens, I doubt any of us may be around to see it.

What I am gad of is the response of most is caring about if people are alright and hopefully the government helping people get back on their feet. Amazing how this happens before and election year but as I always say ” everything in this life happens for a reason.” Though we may never know the reason, just respect it.

Again, My prayers to all families and humans and animals and nature affected. Mother Nature thanks for the reminder of what is really important in this life.