2 0 1 0

The new year 2 0 1 0.  End of this month it will be the year of the metal tiger by Chines Horoscopes.  Though the new did start off with some sadness, my overall feeling has been one of re-discovery. I realized that I put myself in a shell 2009 and fell away from my friends and my true self.  I am making a conscious effort this year to see my friends ( in the purest sense of the word) and get back to myself.  I started this year feeling lighter and accepting certain things.  I began reading The Secret .  It gave a new feeling that I can accomplish anything, I just need to ask and believe. I mean how simple is that?  Of course there have been fleeting moments of doubts but I do not let them fester. After all, with the goals I have set this year,  it is not the time to set limitations.  You know the sayings “going out on limb” or ” taking a leap of faith”. That is exactly what I am doing this year.  I know it may seem tame to those who party all the time, but I went out with my co workers yesterday and danced my ass off. I have not danced like that in a while. I mean my knees and my body are aching but its a good pain. I felt free and just let the music take me.   I have also seen people I did not get to see the late  part of 2009 and just from seeing them, I feel better.  2 0 1 0 I know wil be better cause I have faith it will be. Everyone in my life will accomplish their goals only if they believe in themselves and believe they are the masters of their fates.

The Photography bug has bitten me again but then again it never really left me. It was just dormant for a bit so I’m back behind the big black camera lens staring the city as I see it and my people as I see them.  Looking forward to shooting new faces, new places and going new places.  This year wil be fun.

RA RA OOooooo lala