New Images – Tribal

Model: Tae ( Great Model Citizen)


Hair and Makeup : Johnny G and Joaquin


This Week’s KUDOS- Magali of Glasslips

This Kudos is for one of my Fav Makeup Artists Magali.  I have worked with Magali since I started shooting about 4 yrs ago. When we first met, I wasnt sure if she liked working with me or not because she was quiet but I have come to realize she takes a lil bit to open up. She is a wonderful makeup artist and extremely talented.

You can find her work at and at MM.

Much Love to you Lady M

Sometimes you gotta give yourself a push

Hi All.

Today at my 9-6 (yea you read right) I basically once again got my ass handed to me about me not following up properly. I swore i had that skill down pat and trying to get better especially since I schedule photo shoots and have to work with different people.  It seems that I am not good at my 9-6 which causes me to believe I will need to find new employment. No job is ever perfect but I don’t need to feel like everyday my job is on the line cause I am not good enough. I have never worked at a place where I didn’t feel i wasn’t competent.  But as they say there is a first time for everything and this will be my first and last. I have no intention of dealing with this or sybil for the rest of my natural life.

God help me as I try to help myself


Conference call gives a sense of renewed purpose

Hi All.

I just got off the phone with my manager Jameka Whitten of JSW Media Group. I told her about what my plans are for the upcoming Spring. I am making some additions to my photography repertoire.  It will include events and family portraits. I will also be improving my editing skills cause I need to get polished with it and I found a class in the city that can help me improve. I am also going to be taking trips so my hubby and I can see whats out there. As I was telling Jameka about what I wanted to do, she helped me not only figure the ideas are solid but to help improve my business. I will be become a fashion Guru so I can be better at my work. What I love about working with Jameka is she presents challenges and forces me to keep going. She is part of my driving force and I thank god that she is truly patient with me.

I do ask for strength to do what I need to do and help me and my family.




This is a good time for America

This is a good time for America. We have an opportunity to finally turn somethings around and stop accepting the status quo. We have a new president , new administration. A new time for America to get back to its values. A new time to for us to renew family and respect. Stop worshipping those who really don’t too much besides having lots of money. A time to educate our kids. A time to bring back when a neighbor hood raised each others kids.  I do hope that people took President Obama’s speech and remember the change starts with us lil by lil. I do hope people to begin to realize we are masters of our own fate and we need to respect each other and respect ourselves. This country has a alot of problems but if we work together, we can make the difference.

This Week’s Kudos- Christine Nguyen

Hi All. This week Kudos goes out to Christine Nguyen.

Christine is a fashion Photographer here in NYC. I love Christine’s images . Her use of color and subjects really speaks to me and her quality of imagery to me is amazing. 

Her website link and her blogspot link.

Thanks Christine for being one of the photographer’s whose work I truly enjoy.

Last week’s Kudos- Sue Rock

Hi All. Work has been a monster and I havent been able to do my kudos last week .

The Kudos belongs to Sue Rock of Sue Rock Originals.  Sue and her husband make hand made crochet clothing. She is currently branching out into accessories as well. Her clothing is comfortable, fun and her spirit make you love her and her clothes.

You can find out more about sue at these links  Sue’ s Blog, Sue’s Clothing and Sue’s Myspace

Love ya Lady Sue. 🙂

Happy Birthday to my Life giver

Hi All. Today is a special day for two good reasons.

1) Today is my friend Magali’s Wedding

2) It is my mom’s birthday.

My mom is a very special person and has actually crafted me to the person I am today. I love and respect her and no matter the arguments, fights and what not, I know she loves and cares about me.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday Work… wasnt too bad

Hi all.

Today I had to go to my 9-6 . We are going through inventory so we had to come in and do some system work. It was actually not too bad. There was no noise and actually got some work done.  Now before you think I am an advocate for Saturday work but you do get a lot done. I swear sometimes my office during the week is like  a club . People talking all loud, using speakerphone to answer phone in an open air environment.

so next week  will be my next time working but it will probably more crunch time.

BAH more work