To Say or not to Say

Ever been in a situation where you know what you should say but you don’t because you don’t want to have an unnecessary argument? It is odd but lately I have not been wanting to speak my mind because sometimes I feel it is better to shut up. I do not like hurting someones ego or feelings.  Especially when it is someone I care about.  A friend has offered that I actually say How i feel and then deal with the fallout. I so want to but I also want to wait till a certain time passes where I don’t have to do something and they will need to do things on their own.  I am hoping that the person will realize what they are doing before I need to utter anything but who knows. I know the conversation will need to happen  but for now, I am not doing it.


Images from Shoot 9-6-08

Models: Natalie,Luis, Megan and Asia

Clothing for Natalie,Luis and Megan Provided  by Katelyn.

Hair By Johnny G

Makeup by Admin

Time for a change


Hey all. Long time no write. Things have been busy and I am making some steps in my life to make myself happy. I have decided to go back to school  to get my degree in photography. I think it is time to get technically sound at photography so I can be better at my craft. This means some changes will need to occur like possibly freelancing instead of being a regular 9-5er. I am getting really bored at my job for various reasons and also there are a few control issues that need to be addressed. I want to work some where challenging but also creative.  If I need to be somewhere for 8 hrs , then it needs to stimulate me creatively. This will probably cause for a change in my career path which may mean a drop in pay , but if the benefits will me happy , so be it.