Hi. welcome to my about page.

MY name is Jan and I am a brooklynite. My blog will be about anything that crosses my mind  from my life, dating, photography, fashion, love and always trying on to improve in this life so my next one will be better.

I have a facebook page for my photography

my twitter account – Currently my foursquaring haven though I tweet from time to time

Tumblr fiend – For now

If you like the blog let me know. Also I am Bloggers.com


9 thoughts on “About

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  2. Is Draco Photography a national company because I have seen a lot of freelance photographers use Draco Photograhy in their bios. If it is are there any in South Carolina? Thanks.

  3. T. D. Jakes did not write the poem that was posted Let it GO… it was written by me, Tremillia McCarroll 12 years ago. Thank you!!

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