Godzilla 2014


Oh sorry golden gate, just passing through

I had a family outing and got to see Godzilla after some delicious lobster and scallops and shrimp (sorry it was yummy)
As to not spoil for those who haven’t seen it, I will try not to give away too many of what I feel are key plot points.

2014 Godzilla harkens back to the backstory of Godzilla’s creation. You know all those lovely nuclear test we were running in the 1940s and 50s.

We all know Godzilla beginnings were a man in a rubber suit with forced perspective but the CGI in this version is a mass improvement over the 1998 version and the height and six of the monsters are definitely more believable.
Of course there is a human element and since it takes place on planet earth, I am ok with it. I will admit the human part of the story is a bit cliche but it works for the movie.

We see hints of Godzilla but the king of the monsters does not show up really till mid movie.

Plot itself is dark as are most movies of this genre these days. We are living in a post 9/11 society so most of what occurs makes sense. When you have monsters over 60ft or more fighting in a city, you will have massive building damage and casualties. I know some will say, I go to movies to be entertained but unless it is an action comedy or comedy in general, this is what you will get.
Kind of like how bat man was campy and now he is what was supposed to be. Kinda of the same thing.
Do not forget people, Godzilla is a monster and realistically there is now way to tame or control that force of nature.

I saw the 1998 version and it was definite sign of the times movie, jokes, b.s. relationships and huge product placement.

Some people say that they like the 1998 version better but that should be strictly for nostalgia purposes. One spoiler I will give is Godzilla is not pregnant nor looking for a place to lay eggs. The egg laying occurs from another monster (spoiler 2)


In my humble opinion, Gareth Edwards gave me something to sink my teeth into and enjoy. I have made a promise to never go into any movie with high expectations because sometimes trailers are the best part of the move and every Tom, Dick, Harry and Sarah have to spoil everything for everybody with bullet time opinion ed pieces about  movies. 

For those willing to give Godzilla a chance,  you will enjoy it. You get kaiju fights and destruction and it lends itself to more Godzilla movies just like in the past expect for the creepy twins that call up mothra (shudders)

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