It’s mine and it will always be mine

Hey Good people. Hope the summer has been amazing and kind to all of you. Today’s topic is something that has popped up more than once but today it decided to boil over.Today is all about being selfish and I mean selfish in more ways than you can think. Most people will say being an only child breeds selfishness because you never learned to share, but that not true especially if you had parents that raised you right. 

Now I am not just talking selfish with physical things but on all levels. We as humans have this weird need to claim things no matter how much we know in our hearts we really can’t.  One of the worst ways is we do this is emotionally. Because there is no true physical way to get rid of emotions, we decide to guilt people or cry martyr or neediness when the people we like are not paying attention to us. We never think about whether the other person has a life or things that they are doing. Just the fact that they are not paying attention to you or at your beck and call  already we got issues. Now, we do not want anyone doing this to us, but we are so glad and quick to do it someone else.

DO me a FAVOR… GET OVER YOURSELF. We all have needs and wants but don’t make people feel bad just cause they are not meeting yours at that time. Think about the fact that life stops for no one and we have no control over anyone or time.

Then there is the selfishness of when you either break up with someone or someone broke up with you.  You leave part of you with them no matter what  but why leave your ish. How the hell are people supposed to move on when your crap is staring at them? Really people. Stop leaving markers of your self in  people’s lives. No matter how amicable the breakup, still a break up. SO GET YOUR SHIT OUT PEOPLE’S HOUSES!!! WTF no one is your damn storage facility.

Put your big girls panties and your big boy drawers on and get your shit. Everyone knows psychologically what that means. Even though you are gone, you still trying to lay claim on someone’s life even though you have moved on.

LET IT GO!!!! This is something I never had a problem with. I can usually let people go. But I know why. I trust people to a certain point. This has been my hangup since youth and while I am working on it, I do not stay anywhere i am not wanted.

Now while it sounds like I am saying not to be selfish and be selfless, you still have to take care of you. But at the same time do not make demands of people outside yourself. Human beings are ridiculous creatures. I can say this because I am one of them. We think we have this world figured out when honestly we don’t and we always want to control something when we can’t even control ourselves.