America’s Next top model – New Season

Well I told myself I would not watch this season but I was actually flipping channels between this and Rupaul’s Drag Race( which I totally love). So Watching top model and I picked the best episode ” The Makeover”. I love the makeover episode of each ANTM. Reason being, there is always bitching and crying and usually a bad weave. Now Tyra…. REALLY!?!?!?!?!? You of all people should know better than showcasing a bad weave. (LOL) anyhoo. What I did love was the shoot. THE CLOTHES!??!?!?!?!?  AMAZING!!!! AMAZING!!! AMAZING!!! Ms. Goldstein will now be my inspiration for when I learn styling. Oh yes. I am learning styling. The clothes were stunning. As usual always a bitch …. Truly glad she is a tender headed. Evil people never prosper and I love the fact that the stylist and photographer noticed her bad attitude. I have experienced that myself being a photographer and believe it doesn’t make up want to shoot that model anymore.  Loved loved Molly ( sorry for her bad weave) but her image was absolutely amazing. her facial and pose… she made me love the picture. I’m sorry that Dominique went home because she has freckles..( I have freckles) so you I do have a some feeling towards her. I do hope she gets picked up cause I love her face and her hair looked amazing.  I will say though. Tyra looked great tonight. Everything was completely on point.

I will probably watch it next week (if i remember)